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When it comes to your appearance, no feature is more important than your face. This is why the exclusive focus of our plastic and cosmetic surgery practice at Hove Center in Philadelphia is the face and neck. A highly trained plastic surgeon, Dr. Christopher Hove's concentration in this area has allowed him to perfect his surgical techniques for facelifts, rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery, neck and brow lifts, and many other enhancements. Dr. Hove works to achieve what he calls "the beautiful balance between art and science" in cosmetic surgery, and consistently achieves remarkable results for his patients. Read about our procedures, browse our before and after patient photos, and schedule a consultation with us to learn more. 


Whether you are unhappy with the way your nose looks in profile, or the width or shape of the nostrils or tip, you can love your nose with the help of Dr. Hove. Sometimes referred to as a “nose job,” rhinoplasty is a specialty of Dr. Hove's, who uses his training and talent to elevate the procedure he considers an art form. He has a keen understanding of the anatomical intricacies of the nose, and stresses the importance of keeping beauty and function in mind as he sculpts and defines. 

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Brow Lift

A drooping brow and horizontal furrows can make you appear sullen or tired, even when you're not.  Injectables like BOTOX® are sometimes not enough to smooth deep forehead lines that detract from the beauty of your face, but a brow lift can make a striking difference. A brow lift is minimally invasive, can improve the appearance of forehead and frown lines, and can help you look more youthful, positive, and alert. 

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Face Lift

Loose skin and sagging facial tissue can age your appearance and affect your self-esteem. Dr. Hove can noticeably soften, and even eliminate, jowls, deep creases, and wrinkles, helping you rediscover the youthful face you miss seeing in the mirror. Dr. Hove has performed hundreds of successful facelifts, and his experience regularly earns him referrals from other specialists in the field. He understands that every face is unique, and individualizes treatment for your best possible results. 

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Eyelid Surgery

Heavy, drooping upper eyelids can make you look tired or angry, and even affect your vision. Eyelid surgery, also known as blepharoplasty, is quick and relatively simple, yet imparts dramatic results. The removal of a small amount of skin and soft tissue can restore a rested, alert appearance. Dr. Hove can also tighten and resurface the lower eyelids, and remove fat pockets to eliminate "bags" under the eyes. You'll love the results - a refreshed, more youthful you!

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Neck Lift

The aging process affects everyone differently, and for some patients, the neck is a particular area of concern. Genetics or weight loss can contribute to a sagging neck, and undermine confidence and satisfaction in your appearance. During a neck lift procedure, the skin and underlying tissues are tightened and repositioned for a smooth, beautifully contoured, youthful-looking neck.

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Close view of a woman looking off camera displaying her long, graceful neck

Facial Implants

Cheek and chin implants can safely and effectively contour the face, enhancing harmony and restoring volume for more youthful-looking features. Cheek augmentation can be used to correct "bags" under the eyes, and a stronger chin instantly makes the nose appear smaller and adds structure to the jaw line. The facial implant procedure usually involves a single incision, and can be performed under local anesthesia. 

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Facial Liposculpture

Dr. Hove can improve the definition, contour and proportion of your features using facial liposculpture. Trouble areas prone to stubborn fatty deposits can be slimmed, or small amounts of fat harvested from your body can be injected to increase volume in your cheeks, nasolabial folds, or any area that would benefit from natural plumping. These procedures can be performed using local anesthesia in as little as 15 minutes, and are an excellent alternative for patients who don’t want to undergo invasive surgery.

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Close up of a woman looking at camera over her bare shoulder, displaying pretty facial contours

A woman in her thirties smiles at the camera, chin resting on her hands atop a chair

Facial Reconstruction

If you or a loved one has suffered trauma to the face, or has undergone treatment for skin cancer, you need the help of an expert cosmetic surgeon trained in facial reconstruction. Dr. Hove has extensive experience treating facial trauma, repairing nasal, cheekbone and jaw fractures, along with soft-tissue injuries like lacerations and abrasions. He is equally skilled in facial reconstruction after skin cancer removal. In fact, he is renowned for his expertise and regularly treats difficult reconstructive cases referred by local hospitals.

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