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Christopher Hove, MD

Real Q & A with Dr. Hove- Lower Eyelid Hollows


Q&A with Dr. Hove

Dr. Hove is a regular contributing authority to an on-line Plastic Surgery Q&A forum,  Patients post their own personal questions and photos for advice. These are Dr. Hove's posted responses verbatim.


Q: Dermal Fillers For Eye Hollows. Is it Possible to Get Desired Results in One Visit? (photo)

I would like to get dermal fillers for my eyes. I have always have eye hollowness, but it seems worse as I age. The skin in my eye area seems thinner, so that might be the issue. I was wondering is it possible to get my desired results in on one visit. I know I won't need to much, because they aren't that bad yet. Also, can restylne of Juverderm cause collagen to rebuild itself?


A: Dermal Fillers for Hollow Eyes (Tear Troughs)

Yes, I have found dermal fillers to work very well in this area (commonly referred to as the tear trough, eye hollow, or infraorbital area).  Although it is possible to get the desired result in one visit, I inform patients that a conservative approach is best and underfilling is preferrable to overfilling (you can always add more, but can't easily take it away).  A longer term solution to this appearance is a specific type of cheek implant (appropriately named a tear trough implant), but this is a more invasive procedure with greater risk.  Restylane and Juvederm work reliably.  

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-Dr. Christopher Hove