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Christopher Hove, MD

Real Q & A with Dr. Hove- Should I Have a Rhinoplasty?


Q&A with Dr. Hove

Dr. Hove is a regular contributing authority to an on-line Plastic Surgery Q&A forum,  Patients post their own personal questions and photos for advice. These are Dr. Hove's posted responses verbatim.


Q: A Nose Job?

Hello! Would you recommend a nose job? Thank you!


A: Am I a Good Candidate for Nose Job (Rhinoplasty)


Examining the entire face is necessary (especially the chin), but based on this profile of your nose, you would be a great candidate for a rhinoplasty- depending on what you want to achieve and what bothers you.  Without knowing that,  I would recommend reducing the convexity (hump) along the dorsum, and conservatively reducing the columella (that's the middle part of the nose base as you look at it from below) to reduce the "hanging" quality that you can see at the nostrils from the side view.


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-Dr. Christopher Hove