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Christopher Hove, MD

Real Q&A with Dr. Hove- Am I too Young for a Facelift?

Q&A with Dr. Hove

Dr. Hove is a regular contributing authority to an on-line Plastic Surgery Q&A forum,  Patients post their own personal questions and photos for advice. These are Dr. Hove's posted responses verbatim.

Question: Facelift for a 24year Old?

Hello Doctors, I am needing advice. I've been on two consultations for a browlift and eyelid surgery which both doctors said I could use, but another surgery i wanted was a facelift with neck lift. I know, I know, you will probably say it's too young to have a facelift in your 20's but my skin is drooping especially in the mid face area and where i once had cheeks I don't. I lost weight and my face is the first to show the signs. I would like surgery but are there any alternatives? Thanks!


I get this sort of question all the time, usually on the other end of the scale- "am I too old for a facelift"?  But I see it on the younger side too, just not with patients in their 20's.  My response is always the same- there is no specific or definite age when a facelift is or is not appropriate.  The answer is "it depends."  No this is not a wishy-washy answer.  It reflects the fact that faces and circumstances are all individual, and require individual consideration.  With sudden or profound weight loss (for example, from chemotherapy or bariatric surgery), loss of facial fat and changes in the skin integrity can yield a face that is chronologically not age-appropriate.  Photos and a physical exam are absolutely necessary for an accurate recommendation, but I would expect your face to respond well to volume repletion (fat grafting, cheek implants, or Sculptra) without having to tighten/remove any draping loose skin.

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-Dr. Christopher Hove