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Christopher Hove, MD

Chemical Peel Recovery: What to Expect after Treatment

Do you desire to improve the appearance and vitality of your skin? At the Hove Center for Facial Plastic Surgery in Paoli, PA, we offer a wide array of surgical and non-surgical procedures to help your skin appear more youthful and refreshed. One of the most effective treatments for non-surgical rejuvenation is a chemical peel. Designed to remove the top layers of your skin and reduce discoloration, this process continues even after the procedure is over. As the skin peels and flakes, the newer, more vibrant skin underneath will be revealed. Here, we will discuss chemical peel recovery, and what you can expect following your treatment.

photograph of a young woman receiving a chemical peel treatment at a medical office

Recovery Time

Your specific recovery time will ultimately depend on the type of chemical peel you receive. Those who undergo a mild chemical peel will probably not require any downtime at all, as the slight redness will quickly diminish. A medium chemical peel can cause redness and inflammation for one to two days. If you choose a deep chemical peel, recovery can often take more than one week and will require highly specific skincare guidelines.

What to Expect

Due to the nature of a chemical peel, the damaged outer layer of skin will flake off. This is how the process works; as your skin sheds, the new layers underneath will become visible. Although it may be difficult to resist the urge, do not pick at your skin. In order to enjoy optimal results, the chemical peel must be allowed to do its job. 

How to Care for Your Skin after a Chemical Peel

Treating your skin kindly will not only deliver amazing results, it will also help expedite the healing process. Here, we have listed a few recommendations to help you care for your skin as you recover:

  • Use a gentle touch: Whether you are washing your face or applying a lotion or cream, do not use too much pressure. 
  • Wear sunscreen: Following your chemical peel, your skin will be extremely vulnerable. An SPF lotion or powder will help protect your skin.
  • Avoid UV rays: Stay inside as much as possible while you recover. After a chemical peel, it is even more important to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays.
  • Use soothing products: Water-based gels and creams are great after a chemical peel. Apply them in moderation. You can even keep them in the refrigerator to enhance the cool sensation, which will be refreshing to your skin.
  • Moisturize: Zinc-oxide lotions are exceptionally gentle to the skin after a chemical peel. 
  • Use a Vitamin C serum: Chemical peels enhance melanin activity. Therefore, it is always a good idea to apply a Vitamin C serum, which calms melanin cells.

What to Avoid after a Chemical Peel

There are also a few things to avoid if you want to get the most out of your chemical peel. For example, following your procedure, you should not:

  • Pick your skin: This is worth repeating. Do not, under any circumstances, pick your skin. Allow the skin cells to flake off naturally.
  • Use a scrub or washcloth: Any time you rub or scrub the skin after a chemical peel, it will remove new, healthy cells along with the dead ones.
  • Over-moisturize: It is tempting to constantly apply moisturizer after a peel. However, these products should be applied in moderation, and only when your skin needs some added comfort.
  • Sweat excessively: When you sweat, the salt in your perspiration can cause irritation to sensitive skin.

Learn More about Chemical Peels

If you would like to learn more about chemical peels, or any of the treatments available at our practice, schedule a consultation with Dr. Hove. You can call us at (610) 647-3727 or contact us online.

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-Dr. Christopher Hove