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Christopher Hove, MD

Lower Eyelid Surgery for Under Eye Circles

Female blepharoplasty patient holding up her pre-operative photoWhile droopy skin on the upper eyelids can sometimes be considered a medical issue, under eye circles are generally only a cosmetic concern. Even so, puffy bags or circles under the eyes can diminish your confidence and have a negative impact on your appearance.

Patients who want a more refreshed, youthful appearance can undergo eyelid surgery at the Hove Center in Paoli, PA. Here, Dr. Christopher R. Hove explores lower eyelid surgery for under eye circles, and explains how this procedure can help patients achieve the beautiful results they desire.

What Causes Under Eye Circles?

There are a few different causes of under eye circles. Some of the most common include:

  • Aging
  • Excessive sun exposure
  • Genetics
  • Allergies
  • Certain medical conditions, such as thyroid problems

But what is it, specifically, that contributes to the appearance of bags or circles under the eyes? There are a couple of different factors, both of which will be explored in the sections below.

Fat Deposits

Like other areas of the body, sagging skin around the eyes occurs as a result of reduced skin elasticity.

In the lower eyelid, there are three fat pockets that are attached by an ultra-fine membrane. This membrane goes from the tarsus to the orbital bone. Once elasticity is lost, the fat pockets bulge or protrude.

As a result, under eye circles appear. In addition, a depression, known as tear trough deformity, develops.

Shadow Effect

Light casts shadows on the face; and if the lower eyelid is puffy, then a shadow will appear beneath it. When this is coupled with sagging skin and tear trough deformity, under eye circles become more apparent.

Lower Eyelid Surgery

The most reliable way to eliminate under eye circles is to undergo eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty. Because fat deposits are the primary cause of under eye circles, they must be removed in addition to any sagging skin.

To perform the procedure, Dr. Hove creates a tiny incision just below the lash line. Excess skin and fat are removed.

Any depressions in the area can be filled in with dermal fillers to achieve a more youthful look. Once complete, the incisions are closed with surgical sutures.

After the procedure, patients can generally resume normal activities within a few days. However, full recovery can take several weeks. It is important that you follow all post-operative guidelines for optimal results.

Are There Alternative Treatments?

There are non-surgical alternatives for under eye circles, including laser therapy and dermal fillers. These options can provide good results.

However, the results of dermal filler injections are not as long-lasting as lower eyelid surgery. During a consultation at our practice, Dr. Hove can discuss your options with you in more detail, and design a treatment plan to meet your unique needs.

Contact Our Practice Today

Want to know more about lower eyelid surgery for under eye circles? Schedule a visit at the Hove Center. Contact us online or call our office at (610) 647-3727.

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