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Coronavirus Update

To Our Patients: Update on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

What a very different world we have just in the past week. We understand how stressful this is- emotionally, medically, and financially. I am reaching out to communicate with you and the rest of our patients to hopefully help guide you as best I can. Through television, radio, internet news, and social media, we are bombarded with information every minute, and it is difficult to know what information is accurate. As a doctor with a background in scientific research, I believe in making decisions based on known or proven facts, not on hunches or conjecture. When it comes to your health, PLEASE consider the source of your information. For instance, you may have heard recently about a particular actor with a large social media following alleging he had a cure for the coronavirus. Or you may have heard that a particularly well-known professional baseball player was consulted on how to handle the pandemic. If I want to be entertained, or want to improve my batting average, I would consult with those people. If I have concerns about what medication to put into my body, or how to improve a worldwide public health crisis, I would prefer consulting with someone who has devoted their life to researching those topics.

That being said, I would encourage using the Center for Disease Control (CDC) website ( as your main source for information. It is straightforward, science-based unbiased advice regarding this particular strain of coronavirus, COVID-19

To further assist you, we are adjusting our office policy. We are keeping the office open for your health needs, but we are restricted from scheduling certain surgeries at the Paoli Surgery Center and Main Line Health Hospitals (injuries/fractures, and cancer cases are permitted) to help conserve limited resources, and limit your unnecessary exposure unknowingly to the virus. In our office, we are wearing masks, pre-screening patients, measuring temperatures on everyone (including staff), further spacing appointments, having patients wait in their cars to reduce proximity, and arranging telemedicine (video appointments) when possible. Of course, we continue to disinfect our exam rooms between every patient, much as we always have been doing. We may not be able to immediately answer your phone call, but we will return your calls.

Sorry for such a long message, but I needed to share all of this with you. Please be smart and stay safe!

Christopher Hove, MD


Christopher Hove, MD

Common Rhinoplasty Side Effects

Placing rhinoplasty bandagesRhinoplasty surgery reshapes the nose to eliminate imperfections and improve facial proportions. A rhinoplasty procedure, or nose job, can drastically enhance a person’s natural beauty and leave them feeling more confident about their appearance.

Dr. Christopher Hove has extensive experience as a facial plastic surgeon, and views rhinoplasty as a delicate art. His surgical skill and precision make rhinoplasty a safe and highly successful treatment for our Philadelphia, PA, patients. While the risk of rhinoplasty surgery is extremely low, there are some normal rhinoplasty side effects that will likely develop as a patient recovers from treatment. Dr. Hove prepares patients for what side effects they can expect after surgery, and how long they may last.


There are various enhancements that can be made during the rhinoplasty procedure, and most of them require some type of alteration to the nasal bone or cartilage. Anesthesia will be used to keep patients comfortable throughout their surgery, but there is likely to be some lingering pain as the patient recovers from treatment.

Pain or discomfort tends to be most severe during the first several days of recovery. However, even during this early stage of recovery, most patients are able to control comfort with over-the-counter pain medication. If our Philadelphia patients are experiencing more severe pain, they can talk to Dr. Hove about prescription pain medication. In most cases, comfort begins to significantly improve within a week after surgery.


Inflammation is a common side effect of any surgical procedure, because it is one of the body’s defense mechanisms. The body responds to injury or trauma by delivering extra blood to the injury site. The blood carries oxygen and nutrients that promote healing. After rhinoplasty surgery the nose will be swollen, and the cheeks and undereye area may also appear puffy.

Inflammation should begin to go down within a few days, but it can take several weeks for swelling to dissipate completely. In the meantime, patients can control swelling by taking anti-inflammatories, staying well hydrated, and applying ice packs throughout the day.


Bruising is expected after rhinoplasty. The nose itself is not the only place that is likely to develop bruising, it can also extend to the cheeks and under the eyes. The degree of bruising will vary slightly from one patient to another, but it is usually not too severe.

The worst bruising will be present in the early days of recovery, when patients are sticking mostly to bed rest. Within a week of surgery, bruising should be light enough that it can be easily concealed with makeup.

Nasal Congestion

Many patients recovering from rhinoplasty report that the nose feels congested or stuffed up. Inflammation in the nose can block nasal passages and lead to a buildup of mucus. While this is not exactly comfortable, it is not cause for concern. As swelling goes down, nasal passages will open up again, making breathing easier.

However, patients should be aware that built-up mucus will need to drain, so they should expect the nose to be extra runny the first several days that swelling subsides.

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Rhinoplasty surgery addresses nasal imperfections to give you the straight and well-proportioned nose you desire. If you would like to find out if rhinoplasty can help you achieve your aesthetic goals, call us in Philadelphia at (610) 647-3727 to schedule a surgical consultation with Dr. Christopher Hove.

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I believe that to excel in any career, one has to keep reaching, learning, and sharpening their skills, instead of resting idle on some self-declared title. At the Hove Center for Facial Plastic Surgery, we continually strive to bring you the latest advanced techniques and products in the field of facial plastic surgery, both cosmetic and reconstructive.

-Dr. Christopher Hove