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Christopher Hove, MD

Rhinoplasty for a Narrow Nose

Woman examining her noseThe nose is the central feature of the face and, as such, it has a great impact on a person’s overall appearance. If the nose is too wide, too narrow, or cosmetically flawed, it can affect facial proportions.

At our facial plastic surgery practice, Dr. Christopher Hove routinely performs rhinoplasty to address nasal imperfections and enhance patients’ appearance. Many people think that rhinoplasty is only intended to reduce the size of the nose or eliminate blemishes, but we also offer rhinoplasty for a narrow nose. This procedure can give our Philadelphia, PA, patients a stronger and more prominent nose that better balances out their facial features.

What Makes the Nose Look Narrow?

There are several characteristics that can make the nose look too thin or narrow, causing it to appear small in comparison to other facial features. Some of the imperfections that most commonly contribute to the appearance of a narrow nose include:

  • A thin nasal bridge: The bridge of the nose is naturally thin. However, a nasal bump or insufficient nasal tissues can make the bridge look even thinner, which makes the entire nose appear unnaturally narrow.
  • A narrow nasal tip: Ideally, the tip of the nose should appear wider and rounder than the bridge of the nose. If the tip of the nose does not widen out proportionately, it can give the entire nose a small, narrow appearance.
  • Small nostrils: The nostrils may seem like an insignificant part of the nose, but they can have a great effect on its appearance. Small nostrils tend to make the nose appear disproportionately narrow.

Treating a Narrow Nose

There are several techniques that Dr. Hove can use to improve the appearance of a narrow nose. The exact alterations that are made during rhinoplasty will depend on the specific needs and desires of each of our Philadelphia patients.

Some techniques that may be considered to strengthen and enhance the appearance of a narrow nose include:

  • Smoothing out dorsal humps
  • Inserting a graft to build out the nasal bridge
  • Adding tissue to increase the width of the nasal tip
  • Widening the nostrils

Creating a Treatment Plan

Prior to rhinoplasty surgery, Dr. Hove will schedule a personal consultation with each of our Philadelphia patients. At this consultation, he will listen to the patient’s unique desires, and create a treatment plan accordingly. He will discuss the best ways to widen a narrow nose and provide digital images of anticipated rhinoplasty results based on the techniques that may be used.

Together, Dr. Hove and our patients can create a personalized treatment plan that augments the appearance of the nose, improves facial proportions, and gives patients the surgical results they desire.

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If a narrow nose has left you feeling less than confident in your appearance, rhinoplasty can help. To learn more about rhinoplasty and its ability to improve your nasal proportions, contact our facial plastic surgery practice at your earliest convenience. You can also call (610) 647-3727 to schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Christopher Hove.

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