Bruising and Swelling After Facelift By Hove Center for Facial Plastic Surgery on February 25, 2020

A woman's faceBruising and swelling are common side effects after surgery, and your body’s natural response to injury. After undergoing a facelift, both bruising and swelling can drastically alter the appearance of your face. Thankfully, you’ll look much better once both of these side effects have passed.

Many of Dr. Christopher Hove’s facelift patients in the Philadelphia, PA area have questions about post-op side effects. Let’s go over bruising and swelling after a facelift and what you can do to minimize and manage these side effects.

Why Bruising and Swelling Happens After Surgery

Bruising is caused by damaged blood vessels and capillaries. You’ll notice a lot of bruising around incision sites and other parts of the body that are adjusted during a surgical procedure.

Swelling is caused by fluid accumulation around the operated area, which is part of the body’s naturally inflammatory response. The fluid is an influx of cells to help facilitate the healing process.

For facelifts, these side effects are usually most pronounced around the sides of the mid-face.

How Long Does Bruising Last After a Facelift?

The most noticeable bruising after a facelift will typically last for about two weeks. By the end of two weeks, the bruising will start to fade and change color. The bruising will continue to fade in the weeks to follow. By the end of a month, bruising should no longer be an issue for most facelift patients, though results can vary.

How Long Does Swelling Last After a Facelift?

Swelling after a facelift can be a different story. In most cases, major swelling should be under control after about two weeks, with minor swelling afterward that persists for about another two weeks. Very minor residual swelling may persist for a few more weeks, though it should not be that noticeable.

Taking Time Off from Work to Recover

Given how long these side effects can last, we typically advise our Philadelphia facelift patients to take about two weeks off from work. This allows the major swelling and bruising to fade so it no longer has a major impact on your appearance. This is particularly important for people who have jobs that require a lot of public interaction.

More time may be recommended off from work if you have a physically demanding job, though this can be discussed in more detail during the consultation process.

Tips for Managing Your Bruising and Swelling

To manage bruising and swelling, we recommend the following tips:

  • Get ample rest while recovering from your facelift
  • Avoid prolonged sun exposure as you’re recovering
  • Eat a healthy diet as you’re healing
  • Walk around a few minutes a couple times a day to promote circulation
  • Use cold compresses as directed to manage excessive swelling and discomfort

Attend Follow-Up Visits as Scheduled

In addition to the above, it’s crucial that you attend all follow-up visits with your plastic surgeon as scheduled. These will help monitor your healing progress and ensure you’re in good health after surgery. We can offer additional advice and recommendations for your side effects based on these follow-up visits.

What If My Bruising and Swelling Does Not Improve?

If your brushing and swelling does not improve or gets worse, be sure to contact our practice right away. It might be the sign of a complication or medical issue that requires immediate medical attention.

Contact a Skilled Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon

If you live in the Philadelphia area and would like more information about facelift surgery and what to expect, be sure to contact a skilled cosmetic plastic surgeon. You can schedule a consultation at our practice by calling (610) 647-3727.

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