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Coronavirus Update

To Our Patients: Update on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

What a very different world we have just in the past week. We understand how stressful this is- emotionally, medically, and financially. I am reaching out to communicate with you and the rest of our patients to hopefully help guide you as best I can. Through television, radio, internet news, and social media, we are bombarded with information every minute, and it is difficult to know what information is accurate. As a doctor with a background in scientific research, I believe in making decisions based on known or proven facts, not on hunches or conjecture. When it comes to your health, PLEASE consider the source of your information. For instance, you may have heard recently about a particular actor with a large social media following alleging he had a cure for the coronavirus. Or you may have heard that a particularly well-known professional baseball player was consulted on how to handle the pandemic. If I want to be entertained, or want to improve my batting average, I would consult with those people. If I have concerns about what medication to put into my body, or how to improve a worldwide public health crisis, I would prefer consulting with someone who has devoted their life to researching those topics.

That being said, I would encourage using the Center for Disease Control (CDC) website ( as your main source for information. It is straightforward, science-based unbiased advice regarding this particular strain of coronavirus, COVID-19

To further assist you, we are adjusting our office policy. We are keeping the office open for your health needs, but we are restricted from scheduling certain surgeries at the Paoli Surgery Center and Main Line Health Hospitals (injuries/fractures, and cancer cases are permitted) to help conserve limited resources, and limit your unnecessary exposure unknowingly to the virus. In our office, we are wearing masks, pre-screening patients, measuring temperatures on everyone (including staff), further spacing appointments, having patients wait in their cars to reduce proximity, and arranging telemedicine (video appointments) when possible. Of course, we continue to disinfect our exam rooms between every patient, much as we always have been doing. We may not be able to immediately answer your phone call, but we will return your calls.

Sorry for such a long message, but I needed to share all of this with you. Please be smart and stay safe!

Christopher Hove, MD


Christopher Hove, MD

Will I Experience Scarring after a Forehead Lift?

Topless female look straight ahead while touching her right temple with her fingerDrooping eyebrows can give the appearance of advanced age and fatigue. A safe and popular procedure, brow lift surgery can address skin laxity by smoothing muscles and tissues above the eyes.

Following your brow or forehead lift in Philadelphia, PA, you will be left with incisions that will eventually leave one or more small scars. Dr. Christopher Hove will take great care to conceal your scars after a forehead lift by making incisions in areas that will be hidden by your natural features, such as your hairline or forehead creases. During your recovery, patients can take additional steps to ensure that their scars heal and fade properly.

Where Will My Forehead Lift Scars Be Located?

Our Philadelphia, PA, office offers endoscopic surgery for certain cosmetic procedures. An endoscope is a thin tube that has a light at the end. The advanced surgical device allows Dr. Hove to complete your forehead lift through small incisions that are made behind your hairline and just above your forehead.

Endoscopic surgery allows your incisions to remain completely hidden. If more extensive surgical work is needed, Dr. Hove may need to make an incision along the hairline or in creases on the forehead. By carefully following the contours of the hairline, even a larger incision will be well concealed and minimally visible. 

Tips for Minimizing Scarring

Patients have an active role to play in minimizing forehead lift scars. Following some simple tips and advice can prevent complications and other problems that can leave scars looking more prominent.

Follow Your Recovery Guidelines Carefully

Complications like infections can lead to poor healing and increased scarring. Your recovery guidelines are intended to significantly lower your risk of complications. For example, the instructions will explain when you can begin washing your hair again. Using baby shampoo, which is less likely to irritate your scar, and avoiding hair products until your scars heal are common tips.

Get Plenty of Rest

It doesn’t matter where on your body your incisions are. Exercising or straining your body can lead to injury of the surgical site. Rigorous exercise should be avoided for the first few weeks after surgery. Taking time to slow down and rest will help you avoid complications while allowing your body to fully heal. A healthy recovery means less visible scars.

Avoid Excessive Sun Exposure

Sun exposure can lead to prominent scarring through two means. Sunlight can cause your healing incisions to swell and potentially bleed. This complication can lead to poor scar healing. Secondly, scar tissue tans at a different rate than non-scar tissue.

While your incisions are healing, be sure to wear a wide-brimmed hat. Once your incisions heal, you can protect them from sunlight by using SPF 30 sunscreen and seeking shade whenever you are outdoors. 

Work with an Experienced Plastic Surgeon

Not every plastic surgery center offers endoscopic treatments. Our Philadelphia, PA, office has invested in this technology as a means of virtually eliminating post-surgical scars. If your treatment qualifies for endoscopic surgery, you can benefit from having your incisions placed behind your hairline and out of sight.

Learn More about Healing after Forehead Lift Surgery

A brow lift can help you achieve a more youthful-looking, attractive appearance. The safe procedure also eliminates large forehead wrinkles to deliver a forehead that is smooth and beautiful. To learn more about your candidacy for endoscopic brow lift surgery, please contact our office online or call (610) 647-3727.

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I believe that to excel in any career, one has to keep reaching, learning, and sharpening their skills, instead of resting idle on some self-declared title. At the Hove Center for Facial Plastic Surgery, we continually strive to bring you the latest advanced techniques and products in the field of facial plastic surgery, both cosmetic and reconstructive.

-Dr. Christopher Hove