Hove Center Now Offering New RHA Volume Enhancers By Hove Center for Facial Plastic Surgery on May 13, 2021

New fillers that actually move with your face.

“We don’t live in a snapshot world. We live in a video world.” -- Dr. Chris Hove

Years of smiling bring us abundant pleasant memories, but these repeated expressions of joy can result in something else we may not really want – deeper lines around our mouths, commonly known as “laugh” lines or “smile” lines. These daily motions, coupled with the normal wear and tear on our bodies over time, lead to a loss of facial volume resulting in a “drawn” or less lively appearance. 

Dr. Hove discusses the benefits of RHA 4 with a patient.

Facial fillers are the traditional go-to treatment for this and have done an outstanding job. But we are expressive creatures, and those fillers are not specifically designed to move with us.

The Hove Center is delighted to offer patients a remarkable new filler product that is pliable enough to move with your face. This new volume enhancement product is called RHA.

‘RHA is the latest in filler technology – and the first and only HA filler approved for dynamic wrinkles and folds. This filler moves with your face – a perfect solution designed to adapt to all your facial expressions!’  #TopDoc Chris Hove

The main difference with RHA Collection of fillers and enhancers is that it is specifically designed for dynamic wrinkles and folds that result from smiling, frowning, squinting, and talking. 
- Dr. Christopher Hove, Facial Plastic Surgeon 

If you’re considering a non-surgical way to enhance and rejuvenate your appearance this area of the face, known as the midface – which includes the nasolabial folds, cheek mounds and marionette or “drool” lines on the corners of the mouth – is a great place to target.

A new family of volume enhancers, RHA® 2, RHA® 3 and RHA® 4, distributed by Revance, has recently become available in the United States after being used successfully in Europe for years and are perfect for the dynamic areas of the face. Like the most popular fillers now on the market, RHA is composed of hyaluronic acid (HA), a chemical compound that is already naturally found in your existing skin.

 The main difference with the RHA Collection® of fillers and enhancers is that it is specifically designed for dynamic wrinkles and folds that result from smiling, frowning, squinting and talking. While earlier versions of HA fillers had success with these areas, the results sometimes appeared or felt stiff or unnatural when the face moved. The RHA Collection® is designed to better adapt to your facial movements, potentially resulting in a more natural look both at rest and when you’re reacting to joyful moments.

The RHA Collection® is now the only HA-based filler that is FDA approved for dynamic wrinkles and folds and is specifically designed to avoid the appearance of over-volumizing. Dr. Christopher Hove is proud to offer this service to patients desiring a quick, natural-appearing boost to their appearance without surgery. You’ll have more reasons to smile and look even better doing it!

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