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Nose Job Results that Enhance Your Facial Features


Rhinoplasty can reduce the size, smooth, and reshape your nose to compliment the rest of your facial features. By pairs his patients' desires with his own professional recommendations and surgical skill to provide exceptionally flattering nose job results. His goal is to help you accomplish your goals and exceed your expectations so you can feel confident in your appearance.

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My name is Kerry Ashcroft. I'm a nurse practitioner at the Children's Hospital, Philadelphia. I'm also a mom of three. I found Dr. Hove off several recommendations in the community. I was talking to some of my medical coworkers, and she gave him very high praise. This office is very inviting. It's very comfortable the moment you walk in. I don't feel intimidated when I come here. What I liked about Dr. Hove is right away I felt like he was professional. I felt like he was honest. I felt like he wasn't going to steer me wrong, that he was going to give his professional and personal opinion. Surgically, I received rhinoplasty last year. I did have a deviated septum, but I also wanted some cosmetic work done to reduce the size of my nose, and it's something I wanted for a really long time. I'm very pleased with the results. I was looking for a more feminine appearance. I feel beautiful. I really do. Dr. Hove was able to take my vision and make it a reality.

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I believe that to excel in any career, one has to keep reaching, learning, and sharpening their skills, instead of resting idle on some self-declared title. At the Hove Center for Facial Plastic Surgery, we continually strive to bring you the latest advanced techniques and products in the field of facial plastic surgery, both cosmetic and reconstructive.

-Dr. Christopher Hove