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Jay A., Malvern, PA

We couldn't have been more please with the results. Throughout the entire process Doctor Hove and his staff (especially Nate) treated us like family. Patient, communicative, excellent bedside manner and a skilled surgeon. What a combination. Highly recommend.

Sara P. Berwyn, PA

Dear Dr. Hove,

I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you have done for me. I remember the first time I came to your office I was very nervous and unsure about what may lay ahead. I remember meeting  Nate, Christi, and Christine on the first day. Meeting your amazing staff who were all very empathetic and thoughtful was very comforting to me. I remember all three of them telling me how great you are and not to worry. They were completely right, Your calm and friendly demeanor instantly made me feel at ease. After consulting with you about having rhinoplasty, I felt like you were really listening  to me and your professional opinion about what the best outcome would be matched mine. Not only did you accommodate me once for a consultation but 2 more times. Once with my husband and then my mom and dad. You don't know how much I appreciate the time you gave me and my family to help me make this important decision. On the day of surgery, I was emotional and scared. But your kindness and wonderful bedside manner helped calm my nerves. I remember right before I was wheeled into surgery I asked you to take good care of me. You told me not to worry and that I was in good hands. No Dr. Hove I wasn't only in good hands I was in the "BEST HANDS" possible. I came out of surgery with absolutely no pain. It was incredible!! . When you took my cast off after a week, I instantly loved the results. What I am still in awe of today , 2 months post-op, is how beautifully and naturally you performed the surgery. You made me a better version of myself. You took away all the flaws without changing my natural look. All I can say Dr. Hove is that you are a true artist and skilled surgeon. Thank you again for giving me all that I could ask for.

Carol H., Chicago, IL

"Dear Dr. Hove:

You probably don't remember me but back in November of 2013, the night before Thanksgiving, my sister's dog bit me in the face causing significant damage between my nose and upper lip.  You were kind enough to come into the ER late that night and expertly stitch me up.  I remember you saying to me "in 6 months, you won't even notice the scar."  At the time, I thought "yeah right!"

I had my stitches removed when I got back to Chicago by Dr. Jean-Christophe Lapiere.  I had been to Dr. Lapiere on several occasions for MOES [sic] surgery.  I trust him inherently and he is a great plastic surgeon.  When he removed your stitches, he said to me "who stitched you up? It's as close to a perfect job as I have ever seen." Dr. Lapiere is French and never compliments anyone!

Anyway I am ashamed at how long it has taken me to write to you to thank you for what you did for me.  You were right-- I barely notice the scar anymore.  You really are a master of your craft...

Too often in life we do not stop to thank the people who have made such a difference in our life.  Thank you for being available that night.  Thank you for being willing to come into the ER.  Thank you for being kind and having a great bedside manner.  Thank you for being so skilled at your craft.  And thank you most of all for saving my face."

(Letter dated April 2016)

"The results were greater than I ever imagined." Robert G

D. M., Long Branch, NJ

"I had rhinoplasty done with [Dr. Hove] September 2014 and I wanted to tell him how happy I am with the results since it has already been one year. 

I just came home from my Honeymoon and my husband and I were looking at our wedding and Honeymoon pictures. This was a very big moment for me, and I can't tell you how happy I am with my nose and chin! It's really perfect and I love all of our pictures.  

I am no longer self-conscious, and I am no longer judging my appearance in photos. Now, I have confidence that I will not have a double chin, or pointy long nose, or a "bad angle". My only regret is that I didn't find Dr. Hove sooner! :) 

I am so happy and so relieved that I found such a wonderful Doctor, but also so happy that I have the results that I could only dream of since I was about 8 or 9 years old. 

Thank you so much again. It's been life-changing...Maybe that sounds corny, but I can't say enough good things. I am so happy. I never imagined feeling this good!! Thank you!"

Lucille D., Downingtown, PA

"Dr. Hove,

Just a note to say thank you!  I love the way I look.  Your care and expertise are truly appreciated.  Have a happy day!"

Kristin M., West Chester, PA


I can't thank you enough for everything you have done for me.  You have made me feel so much better about myself.  You are truly the kindest and most caring doctor I've ever met.  I cannot thank you enough!"

Nancy N., Bradenton, FL

"Dear Dr. Hove,
It is exactly 3 months to the day since I had my facial surgery and I can not find the right words to tell you how thrilled I am with my results. I have a new confidence and am enjoying a full and fun social life here in Florida with our close friends. Only one of our friends knows the extent of my operation and everyone else tells me I must have had a wonderful summer in PA!!  My results have, by far, exceeded my expectations!!!!
Thank you to you, Nancy, and Kim for always being pleasant and attentive!  As stated in the past, no one except Dr. Hove will ever touch my face!

Again, thank you for changing my life for the best!!"

Rhonda S., Coatesville, PA

"Dr. Hove, 

Thank you again for your support following my [surgery].  Your availability, kindness, understanding and guidance was greatly appreciated.  I felt very thankful that each time I called [during] either the office- or 'off-' hours you were always kind and helpful.  I never felt I was a bother.  Kim was so nice too.  I can tell you it means a lot to a person who is suffering in pain.  This has been the most difficult ten days of my life, but I appreciate you being the best doctor, you have made the experience more manageable."

"Dr. Hove was able to take my vision and make it a reality." Kerry A

Dottie K., Coatesville, PA

"I realized that to be comfortable in my own skin – to start asserting myself – I needed to get an appearance I chose.  After all of my hard work to make myself happy, I had not given myself the option of admitting that I would like a nose that I didn’t have to dodge, dismiss, or downplay.

I visited no less than 4 surgeons, exposed myself to their critical stares, thoughtful tapping, and surprisingly thoughtless commentary – including one bemused assertion that my nose wasn’t “that bad”, if I could do something about the rest of my face. (This one really does still make me laugh.  I wonder what the guy is like on a date.)  I dragged myself warily and wearily to my 5th and final appointment with Dr. Christopher Hove.

The first thing that I noticed was that the office was cheerful and a mix of medically –oriented literature and cosmetically-geared brochures lay on the various tables.  Kim, the office manager, beamed a hello at me and gave me a form to fill.  When I sat down to pick up a pamphlet, the literature did not feature a full-lipped, provocatively pouty, cosmeto-phile (not a word, and not a person, either), but a painting of a woman with distinctly medieval lines.  It soothed me to remember that beauty is both timed and timeless – like the poet Andrew Marvel would have it – a masterpiece for each individual taste and age.  

Then I heard Dr. Hove.   I’m not sure what it’s like for others, but for me, facing a plastic surgeon was a little like facing an executioner.  You wait for the reflexive up and down when you stand up, the too quick glance at the chart or passably distracted air that covers for the immediate calculation for what’s wrong.  Mostly, you know you are facing someone who likely looks at your parts, as well, your parts, and your sum as distinctly less, because of their imperfection.  So when I heard his voice, somewhere between laughing and careful – the sound of someone who came to meet you halfway without a note of censure, I looked up in surprise.  Immediately, my senses went up – calibrating to this unexpected tone.  Here’s the other thing – every other surgeon had had a buffer gal, a polished escort of sorts.  The doctor stayed either in his office, or simply came in, clipboard in hand, to the patient - who had stewed, marinated in his or her discomfort, as s/he was seated amid horrifyingly flesh-magnifying equipment.  Dr. Hove, however, came down the hall and with a look of a charming host, looking about him to his staff to see how they were doing.  He paused to wave goodbye to his last, smiling, patient, and then turned to me, “Gladys?” he said, with a look of genuine social pleasure.  We shook hands and went back into a consulting room where he listened to my history, drew out my reasons for the visit, and carefully- very carefully and directly - contradicted a few of my ideas about myself.  I needed cheek implants, didn’t I, I asked.  Heck, no, that was fine.  How about a chin thing?  Nope.  And guess what?  The tip of my nose was actually pleasing.  What was I looking for?  We conversed, joked a little – and I learned, through his very careful and quiet movements on the computer, to trust that this man had a discernment that extended far beyond the cosmetic.

The day of the surgery, Dr. Hove came over himself to make sure there weren’t last minute worries/deviations.  There I was in that ridiculous shower cap and my cloth robe, and felt – honestly felt- that apart from my husband, I was more comfortable, more confident, with this man than any other.  We spoke briefly about literature, social theory, and our children.  He called that evening to be sure I was comfortable and responded to a concern that maybe one nostril was smaller than the other (it wasn’t, but I was trying to guess at contours beneath the cast).  Then there was the worry that I had a stitch in the wrong place (again, nothing to worry about).  Dr. Hove was explicit in his expression of the end-result, controlled in his initial, as well as his final, aesthetic judgment, and best, best, best of all – perfectly performed the surgery exactly according to our the image we had jointly worked on in his office.  He may have even improved upon the original design by breathing life into it.  What was on the screen – my imagination realized – became really and truly mine. For me, there is an overall sense that I had undergone a profoundly beautiful thing from someone that didn’t view this change as odd or vain or unnatural.   Thanks, too, to Dr. Hove’s confident awareness – this kind of mythological sense that form can sometimes morph to express the spirit – I got a nose so natural that when I returned to work in a week or so, I got lots of smiles from women and sort of puzzled stares from the males – compliments about how happy I looked, but no outright vanity-altered accusations.

What I have discovered – what the surgery has done for me, is I have gotten that bit of courage recommended by my boss, along with my new profile.  When I enter a room, it is with purpose, when I look in the mirror in the morning, I notice only that I am alive; when I prepare for a social engagement, I think only how to dress comfortably – not what color will call less attention to me.  The impact that this surgery has made on my life has been incalculable, but some of the real gains that took place in the 4 months immediately after my happy revision:  I found the courage to ask for, and receive, a raise at work; I approached my spouse about improving the quality of our marriage and received affirmation I’d been waiting for; and I now can cross a room and meet new people without having to talk myself into forgetting part of myself in the process.  Some might say that I should have been able to enjoy these freedoms without physical adjustment – to them I say, I enjoy these freedoms because I finally trusted myself, my needs – and found that that vision did in fact, align with someone smart, insightful, disciplined and artistic.  You will not find a better surgeon – or purely visionary psyche-scientist – than Dr. Hove.  If you are reading this, I hope you do take the courage – and rely upon his skills - to be yourself."

Erika M., Chester County, PA

"And I am in LOVE!!!!!! [The nose] looks great from profile which is what i hated [before surgery]...  I lived with this ugly thing (the  way I perceived it) on my face for so long and now it's gone!!!!.... So my advice is if you have been thinking of having surgery but scared it really will be worth it. Im just sad I waited all these years. My only regret is not doing it sooner. As far as my doctor he was so great and if you live in the surrounding Philly area I would not hesitate to recommend him.  

(see her day-by-day account of her rhinoplasty experience with Dr. Hove at RealSelf)

Jay A., Malvern, PA

We couldn't have been more please with the results. Throughout the entire process Doctor Hove and his staff (especially Nate) treated us like family. Patient, communicative, excellent bedside manner and a skilled surgeon. What a combination. Highly recommend.

Karen S., Wynnewood, PA

“Dear Dr. Hove, We truly appreciate your commitment to me as my surgeon. You are an amazing doctor and person and we feel so fortunate to have been blessed by your talent and your character. Our sincere appreciation,”

Jean P., Palo Alto, CA

“Dr. Hove, I can’t thank you enough for my new face! I really appreciate your skilled hands and comforting bedside manner.”

Ellen L., Sayre, PA

“Dr. Hove, Thank you for the amazing job you did with my facial reconstruction surgery. I have been told by several people how lucky I was that you were on call that weekend. I got my stitches out and nose splint off this week and can’t believe how good my face looks for having a 4-wheeler land on it. I also want to thank you for explaining everything to my family- before and after surgery. It meant a lot for them to be kept informed. Thank you again for a job well done.”

Carolyn A., Orange, CA

“...I had Restylane injections for small lines around my mouth. Wow, within minutes of walking in Dr. Hove's office, viola! They are gone — like magic! You guys are GREAT! Thanks for everything.”

"Dr. Hove worked wonders with fillers and Botox – in my lunch hour!" Mary P

Peter H., Hemet, CA

“Dr. Hove, thank you for restoring my face. It was an interesting experience and a pleasure having dealt with you.”

Lillian N., Cinnaminson, NJ

“Dear Dr. Hove, After four long years of anxiety and suffering with this nose and breathing problem, I couldn’t begin to thank you for your help and “niceness.” I sought help from many doctors along the way, and prayed that I’d find someone that saw the problem and could take charge of it. Some of the people did not want to touch it. We both knew that when I left your office that I was in the right hands. My husband and I both agreed that finally I could put this behind me. I hope you live a hundred healthy years because there are many who could use your help!?”

Rose B., Downingtown, PA

“I've never written a thank you note to a doctor before, but every time I look in the mirror I'm so happy with the way I look that I had to send you my heartfelt gratitude for my new eyes. Your kindness, patience and caring manner went above and beyond what one would expect of a surgeon. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to anyone who asks. I appreciate the honesty, understanding and professionalism you afforded me from my initial consultation through the procedure and beyond.”

Frank B., San Francisco, CA

“Dr. Hove, how can I ever thank you for the expert and very professional work you did on my face and the new lease on life you gave me?”

Charles B., Hemet, CA

“Dr. Hove, …you did so much for me I can never thank you enough. And I wanted you to know that I’m still cancer free. And that’s all because of you.”

Heather M., Sanatoga, PA

“I have suffered with difficulty breathing/ sinus issues for years after being in a car accident which resulted in a severely broken nose. After two previous surgeries from two other doctors, I thought these issues were something that I just had to live with. Dr. Hove fixed what the two previous doctors could not and made my nose so much more cosmetically pleasing. I am very happy and grateful for what he has done for me. My whole experience with him and Paoli hospital was amazing.”

Christopher R. Hove, M.D.

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